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The Swaziland National Provident Fund was established in 1974 as a savings scheme, the main purpose of which is to provide benefit for employed persons when they retire from regular employment in old age or in the event of becoming incapacitated.

All employers of labour in Swaziland are required by law to become contributing members of the fund, and must pay a contribution for every eligible staff member. The employee's share (one half of the stipulated amount) is deducted from wages.

The Fund is administered by an independent Board appointed by the Minister for Labour and Social Security to represent the Swazi National Council, Employers, Workers and Government. The Board and Board Committees The Board is made up of thirteen (13) members. Three of them represent Employers, three represent Employees, four represent the Government of Swaziland, and two represent the Swaziland National Council and finally the Chief Executive Office of the Fund.

Board chair presents PhumlaNgwane's Patron Prince Masitsela with building material Mbabane City's next development

Chairman's Statement

Chairman Mr. Jobe Mashwama
SNPF Board Chairman
"The five years corporate strategy that was formulated in 2008 came to an end at the close of this financial year. As a Board we have already completed the process of evaluating progress made and we have identified proper corrective adjustments to be made. ".....
Annual Report 2013