Survivor’s Benefit

If a member dies before qualifying for a personal benefit, the amount in his benefit account as available to surviving members of his family as a survivor’s benefit. Such a benefit is payable in accordance with the provisions of the SNPF Order No. 23 of 1974.
Claiming Requirements:
  • Declaration by Umgijimi or Indvuna or Chief.

  • Declaration by member of the deceased member’s family.

  • Death certificate.

  • Birth certificate (where children are involved).

  • Graded Tax certificate (deceased member’s)

  • Bank Statement.

  • Swaziland Travel Document (for each claimant).

  • Marriage certificate (where spouse is involved).

  • Where the claimant is a sister or brother to the deceased member birth certificates of both the deceased member and the claimant are required.


NB:     Proof of relationship is very essential under this claim type. Some cases may not be straightforward and thus need additional information to support claim and bring clarity where necessary. Officers are encouraged to seek elucidation from the Head Office where they are not sure of how to deal with a situation.



Member Nomination of Survivors to Receive Benefit

As soon as a member of the Fund has some contributions in his account he may nominate the member (s) of his family he wishes to receive the benefit if he dies.

The marriage of a member is deemed to revoke any prior nominations made by him and if, on the death of a member, no new nomination has been made since marriage, the Chief Executive Officer will pay the benefit to the surviving spouse or if there is more than one surviving spouse, divide the benefit amount to them in such proportions as he may, deem fair and just.

In the absence of any surviving spouse, the Chief Executive Officer may make payment to his child’s or children’s guardian for the use on the child’s or children’s behalf, on such conditions as the Chief Executive Officer may require.

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