SIPHEPHELO Free Funeral Plan

SNPF HQ in Manzini


This is a non-contributory funeral policy for members of Eswatini National Provident Fund. It provides a funeral benefit to the member’s next kin in the event of a qualifying member’s death.


This policy offers the following benefits to the deceased member’s next of kin

  • A total cash sum of E5,000.00 with effect from 1st August 2013.​

Additional Benefit

  • Double accidental death-cover (this includes car and occupational accidents that will not be found to have been self-imposed).


The member must meet the following qualifications to be entitled to the funeral benefits:

  • The member must be an active member of the Fund at the time of his/her death, and;

  • At the date of death, contributions in respect of the deceased member must have been paid to the Fund for at least 3 consecutive months of the 12 months preceding that date.


Effective Date

The effective date of this policy is 10th August 2011 being the date of the publication of the Government Gazette giving effect of the policy.​

Claiming Requirements:


Benefits claiming requirements under this Policy shall be as follows:

  • The lodgment of a claim for a funeral benefit must be done not later than six months from the date of the member’s death, failing which the claim shall not be  accepted.

The following documentation shall be supplied to the Fund by the claimant or deceased member’s next of kin in the course of submitting a claim for a Benefit:

  • Completed claim form

  • Original copy of the deceased member’s valid death certificate;

  • Copy of the deceased member’s Swaziland National Identity Card and Graded Tax Clearance Certificate;

  • Employer’s letter confirming death of member and the recorded next of kin;

  • Claimant’s Swaziland National Identity Card

  • Such other supporting documentation as the Fund may reasonably require.

  • The Fund shall admit or reject or request further evidence in respect of a claim within a reasonable period after receipt of the information required in terms of Clause (a) and (b).


NB:     In the event of a request for further evidence by the Fund, the claimant or the deceased next of kin shall be required to supply such further evidence to the Fund within one week of the Fund’s request..